This was the final project for my Typography I class, and took place over the whole semester. The objective was to design a letter a day, then post that letter to the 36 Days of Type Instagram page. Throughout this project, we were learning different tools and techniques on Illustrator, so as I learned them, I would incorporate them into the letter of the day. 
Since we had to make this project through 36 days (A-Z, 0-9), it was advised that we spend a few hours once every week to make the letters for that week. Doing this made the process much easier since all I had to do each day was post the letter, then on Saturday, I would work on the next batch.
My favorite part of this project was being able to work with so many different tools and still have the same approach every letter. Something unexpected during this project was seeing how many “likes” I was getting when posting each letter, which was sort of a confidence booster. I would also visit the profiles of those who were liking my posts, and saw the techniques they were using for their letters, and gained a lot of inspiration that way as well.
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