Hello! I’m George Machala, and I’m a designer and a video game console technician based in Franklin, New York. I’m currently a student at SUNY Cobleskill, in my senior year. 
I’ve been designing since my freshman year in high school, when the class was offered as my art credit for the year. That 6 person class was chaos in its purest form, but the chaos led to me wanting to explore more, and eventually led to me choosing Design as a career path. My junior and senior years, I attended the Visual Communications program at DCMO BOCES (Harrold Campus), and my teacher, Ms. Mack was able to help guide me to finding what I really want to do- design baseball cards. 
I’ve also been repairing game consoles since late 2021, after wanting to fix my broken 3DS that had been gathering dust. After that, I realized I could pursue it as something more than a hobby, and now work in conjunction with my local game store as their repairman.