This was a project that I made during my junior year of high school, while attending DCMO BOCES. This was a competition between my classmates and I assigned by my teacher, and the winner would be used as the official patch for the General Clinton Canoe Regatta for 2019. The parameters included the following: Use only 4 spot colors, use up to two fonts, and include the text as seen on the patch.
This patch went through several iterations before being turned in, and I was especially nervous since this was a version I had sketched and forgot about, and then revisited after the other versions didn’t work out. In this final version, I wanted to use two colors that contrast strongly, and then source the other two colors by making them darker.
When I decided I was using yellow, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to be making a banana instead of a canoe, since my drawing skills aren’t great, I went online and printed out a how-to-draw page, and essentially learned how to draw a canoe. I then scanned the best drawing with Adobe Scan, then traced the image with the pen tool in Illustrator to finalize it.
Soon after, I found out my design had won, and it would be turned into a merit badge given to the boys and girl scouts who participated in the race!
color palette: due to adobe and pantone parting ways, if i were to update this patch again in the future, i would have to find the cmyk equivalents of each color.