This was the final project for my Editorial Design class, and I was tasked with creating a magazine about my choice of content. I naturally decided to make it about baseball cards, but more specifically about Brock Holt baseball cards. The parameters of the project state that the minimum page count was 8 pages, but I decided to make it 12 pages so I can add extra content to make it a more realistic magazine.
This was a fun project to work on, from start to finish, and was a great test for my ability to edit content, since I could’ve easily made this magazine 16 or 20 pages. When I was working through ideas, I decided to add a “In Search Of” page, where subscribers could send in a post for a card they’re looking for, and other subscribers can use the social media contact information to make deals. I also added two more pages to the main article as well.
When I was working on the content, everything poured onto the pages, the only struggle I had was making sure all my information was easy to read and wasn’t a jumbled mess, since there is a lot of written content. I was able to accommodate for the heavy written content by using a condensed font, but increasing the kerning slightly so the text could be easily skimmed or throughly read.

physical copy