This was a project I made for my Dad for Father’s Fay in 2020 during the COVID lockdown. My Dad had just gotten an album with pictures my Grandpa had, and in this album had two pictures of his favorite motorcycle. Due to time, the pictures starting breaking down, and each photo is missing something: One photo is missing the back wheel, and one is missing my Grandpa. I decided to restore and merge the two photos.
The first step to this project was getting clean scans of the photos. At the time I didn’t have a good camera or a printer that scanned, so normally I would’ve used the scanning systems at BOCES, but they were closed. The next best option was to ask one of my classmates to take the photos for me with his iPhone and then email them to me.
After getting the scans, I converted them to .jpg files, then started to add the missing material to the damaged photo by using the clone stamp tool. After all the cracks and missing material were fixed, I started to merge the two photos. I took the selection tool to take the rear wheel, separated it from the photo, then slightly altered it with the warp tool to be in the same position of the bike, since the photos were taken at different positions. After it was set in place, I use clone stamp again to make the exhaust pipe look correct.
source images