This is one of the first projects I made at SUNY Cobleskill, for my Digital Media class. The goal was to create all 26 letters of the alphabet with any set of objects we want, but all letters had to be made with the same objects. I decided to bring this project to the next level by making each letter with LEGO.
Going into the project, I didn't necessarily plan how to make each letter, I just grabbed pieces from my loose pieces bin. I did go to the LEGO Store in Albany to find more interesting pieces in the Pick-A-Brick wall, and those extra pieces really helped in making more interesting letters. Some of my favorites are G, O, Q, X, and Z.
After making each letter, I took pictures of each in a photo box, then uploaded the pictures to Photoshop. In Photoshop, I used Curves adjustments to make the colors more vibrant. I also created masks of each letter so the backgrounds would be transparent, and each letter could be dropped into one document. The total size of the file before compression for printing was about 2.3 GB. 
The biggest challenge in this project was making sure all the letters were generally the same size, and the only letter that is a larger than the rest is X, but it can be altered to be smaller, since I used angular hinge pieces, each section can be turned inwards to save space.