This was the final project of my General Graphic Design class during my year at SUNY Oneonta, and I was tasked with creating a music streaming app on Adobe XD. Given Adobe XD’s primary focus revolving around user experience and interactivity, I found it very easy to work with the program. I had also used XD the previous year during my JWU coding class to design mockups, so I was quite familiar with the program and its’ abilities.
After reviewing the music I listen to, I came to a realization very quickly that I can’t make an app based off of one band, so I also branched out and listened to a lot of different music, like current hits, all time great artists, as well as researching upcoming releases and including the “option” to pre-save the album like many other streaming appsl.
Since I already had previous experience with XD, I was able to add a lot of extra features that I had learned about, which included adding motion graphics. I included this feature by making a “Now Playing” screen, where the first image in the sequence starts playing the song, and then I had about 30 duplicate pages where the “record” would rotate slightly, so when the screen was accessed, the record would “spin” and the song would start playing.