This was one of my final projects I made during my time at JWU, and was my final for my Brand Identity & Design class. The task was easier said than done, however. "Make a brand from scratch". This was my opportunity to either further refine the New York Elite collection, or start fresh with new concepts. Some of the first name iterations weren't even for Salt Lake City. The first name I had come up with was Franklin Fireflies. I turned to Salt Lake soon after since the now famous renders of a stadium in Salt Lake were released, amid an ownership group expressing interest in bringing a team to Utah. 
When I was working on the uniforms, I located an old MLB Uniform Style Guide, and made sure to place all of my assets on my uniform mockups based on the dimensions in the guide. One of the best parts of working on this project was working on the uniforms, and I had a lot of extra unused versions and alternate styles that I hope to refine for a larger collection, but stayed with the four to adhere to the requirement for 2 Home and 2 Away jerseys.

Additionally, I found the most challenging part to be something that wasn't necessarily required; which was the team schedule. I did some minor rearranging to the current MLB divisions to accommodate for Salt Lake's arrival, so I moved Houston out of the AL West and back to the NL Central, and used Houston's 2024 schedule as the Salt Lake schedule. 

Another major aspect to this project that felt like doesn't shine as much as the uniforms, but is equally important, is the corresponding brand collateral, which I created with strong inspiration from the Atlanta Braves, who always release an image of a written release alongside any other images when an announcement is made online.