This was the final project for my Photography class, and also serves as a project to increase my experience designing trading cards. I decided that I wanted to make cards featuring my coworkers at Starbucks, including information like their favorite drink, and how long they’ve been working at Starbucks. I also included birthdays since Starbucks likes to give out special perks on customers’ birthdays!
For my Photography final, I sat down with my professor to discuss what I like to do, and what I hope to accomplish after graduating, and one thing that caught my professor’s interest was how I want to design baseball cards. The project he assigned me was to create a collection of trading cards with my co-workers from Starbucks as the subjects. The photography aspect included taking the portraits of my coworkers, and I used Illustrator to design the frames and the back of the card.
I wasn’t expecting to be assigned what is a dream project for me, so naturally I would know exactly what I wanted to do, but a challenge I faced was finding the right tone I wanted to set when designing the card, since a great trading card will always be known for the design. Since Starbucks is known as a company who is always modernizing, I chose to use a simple border with a sans serif font.