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The New York Elite is a baseball team I created that served as the senior project for my BOCES class. Due to COVID shutting down schools, the second half of my senior year happened in my room, and on a computer provided by BOCES. We met on Zoom every day from 12 to 2, and essentially served as a collaboration room. When we realized that our schedule would not be the same, our teacher, Ms. Mack decided to pivot straight to the final project.
Since we could do really anything within the Adobe programs we knew (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign), I decided I wanted to design a baseball team. Since I had a month to work on this, I went crazy, and there are over 50 assets within the collection. 
This project was originally designed to be displayed only on the web, so it was designed in RGB, but when I had to document the project in my physical portfolio, I had to convert everything to CMYK by finding each color's equivalents. I also made a few revisions to the uniform mockups by adding piping on the sides of the pants to add an extra touch of detail 
The uniform collection takes inspiration from the Boston Red Sox uniform color, and the Miami Marlins' uniform text by using a unique font. I noticed a lot of teams don't use unique fonts for the back of the jerseys, so I made sure that was one of the first things I decided on when making the templates.