This was a project I worked on when I was at JWU, in my Package Design class. The goal was to create a brand, and packaging for the products associated with the brand. I chose to make a brand from my farm's name; Three Pine Farms 
One of the most important features to this project was including my goats (in any way possible), and a lot of the assets in this project are created from source images of my goats or farm. (the goat silhouette is of an image of Luanne, and the pine are a brush tool image of the three pines that sit behind our goats). 

Another major focus of this project was making sure that the logo I create can stand on it's own, since the logo was being passed on to become our official farm logo. The most challenging aspect of this project was including the nutrition facts, and making sure they were totally accurate. To ensure accuracy, I used the nutrition facts from the leading goat milk/butter/yogurt products, and applied the numbers to my nutrition facts label.